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Tools Introduction Class

Tools Introduction Class

Electrician Knife Introduction

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What is an ‘Electrician Knife’?

The electrician knife is a wire and cable stripping or cutting tool that often used, especially for electricians, in house holding, electrical repairing and construction industry.

The sheath of the wire should be removed completely before attaching the adapter, and avoid the wire from being damaged by the edge of the knife while cutting or stripping.

The parts of electric knife can be divided into the blade, the edge, the grip and the hanging hole. It is noticeably that the blade should be able to shrink into the grip when the knife is off duty, and the edge should be well sharpened in order to strip the cable easily and efficiently.

Operating Instructions

  1. Ensure the power, or the relevant circuit, is cut off correctly in order to prevent the circumstance of getting an electric shock.

  2. Ensure the chosen electrician knife is suitable for the work.

  3. Ensure the sharpness of the knife and whether it is damaged or not.

  4. Ensure the grip is grabbed tightly and stable to avoid the accidental injuries that might be caused by swinging or slipped off handle, from happening.

  5. Ensure the blade is well put away in the grip in order to prevent the blade from damaging and the accidents that caused by exposed blade.

If you are unfamiliar with operating an electrician knife, we strongly recommend that you should either consult with professionals and expertise or take a look at interrelated manuals.

Proper Operation

  1. Do not place the blade in a vertical direction towards the cable while cutting the sheath, or the wire will be scratched and harmed easily.

  2. A sharp electrician knife can strip the sheath efficiently, yet please note that the edge should not be over sharpened. The over sharpened knife will damage the wire easily, on the contrary, the knife that is not sharpened enough is unable to remove the sheath from the wire.

  3. When it comes to stripping the sheath of the cable that contained two cores, just divide the cable into two by cutting through from the center.

  4. The electrician knife is able to sculpt out the groove of the tenon of the round log, wooden board and plastic board. Moreover, the material of bamboo can also be cut by the knife.

  5. It is time and effort consuming when tightening screws on hard woods. Use the awl on multifunctional electrician knife to poke a hole initially, then screwing will be a lot easier.

  6. The sheath should be scrapped outwards and be aware of your fingers. More importantly, fold the blade into the handle every time after using.

  7. The grip of the electrician knife is non-insulated, therefore, to avoid getting an electric shock, do not use it on the cable or equipment that is electrified.

KING TONY’s Electrician Knives

  • Safety Clasp Knife

    7941-08 P7941-08

    Safety Clasp Knife_7941-08

    Safety Clasp Knife_P7941-08


    - Suitable for mechanics, outdoor and camping, etc.
    - Blade can be fixed and folded.
    - Light and handy to use.
    - Stainless Blade with blacking coating.
    - With belt clip.
  • Electrician Knife


    Electrician Knife_7932-04


    - Combine electrician knife with wire stripper.
    - Blade : 2CR13 steel.
    - 1 blade with half-moon notch for stripping and cutting the sheath.
    - Rosewood handle.
  • Electrician Knife


    Electrician Knife_7933-45


    - Straight blade electrician knife.


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