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Tools Introduction Class

Tools Introduction Class

Retaining Rings and Circlip Pliers

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Retaining Ring Introduction

The main function of the retaining ring, also known as ‘Circlip’, is to fasten on the axis or the inner groove of the machine in order to prevent axis from moving and slipping off.

Generally speaking, according to standards of AISI from America, JIS from Japan and DIN from Germany, there are two types of retaining rings, which are the ‘Internal Type’ and the ‘External Type’. Due to different applications, multiple shapes of retaining rings can be selected, such as S Shape, R Shape, E Shape and C Shape. Moreover, the coat of the retaining ring can also be chosen according to diverse environmental conditions.

Internal Type Retaining Rings

Standards: JIS B2804 / DIN 471

Internal type retaining ring-1
Internal type retaining ring-2

Suitable circlip pliers:

66HB 66HS 67HB 67HS 68HB 68HB-07L 68HS

External Type Retaining Rings

Standards: JIS B2804 / DIN 472

External type retaining ring-1
External type retaining ring-2

Suitable circlip pliers:

65SS 66SB 66SS 67SB 67SS 68SB 68SS

KING TONY’s Circlip Pliers

External Straight Circlip Pliers_65SS

Straight Style (with groove)

External Straight Circlip Pliers_66SS

Straight Style

External Angled Circlip Pliers (Japanese Type)_67SB

Angled Style
  1. Hidden Spring Design:

    Never fall off and easy operating.

  2. ø1.8mm Tip:

    Made with hard alloy steel that is tough, durable and will not break easily.

  3. Fixing Screw of the Axis:

    Made with stainless steel SUS301, which can prevent the screw from rusting easily.

  4. Grip:

    Made with eco-friendly PVC and finished with blue coating.

‘External Type’
Straight Style
(with groove)
External type straight style (with groove) 65SS
Straight Style External type straight style 66SS  67SS  68SS
Angled Style External type angled style 66SB  67SB  68SB
‘Internal Type’
Straight Style Internal type straight style 66HS 67HS 68HS
Angled Style Internal type angled style 66HB  67HB  68HB  68HB-07L


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