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Tools Introduction Class

Tools Introduction Class

Electrician Scissors Introduction

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What Is an ‘Electrician Scissors’?

The electrician scissors is for cutting flexible cables, electrical tapes, cable ties, and peeling insulated or general materials.

The scissors should be designed with ergonomic handle, anti-slip handle or safety fastener handle. Furthermore, the function of time and effort saving cutting, and anti-slip blade ought to be equipped.

Operating Instructions

  1. Ensure the power, or the relevant circuit, is cut off correctly in order to prevent the circumstance of getting an electric shock.

  2. Ensure the chosen electrician scissors is suitable for the work.

  3. Ensure the sharpness of the scissors and whether it is damaged or not.

  4. Ensure to apply proper force and not excessive force.

  5. Ensure the cutting end of the cable or wire do not leave a sharp edge in order to avoid the situations of scratched skin or damaged equipment.

If you are not familiar with operating an electrician knife, we strongly recommend that you should either consult with professionals and expertise or take a look at interrelated manuals.

Proper Operation

  1. Do not apply excessive force while cutting, or the wire will be scratched and harmed easily due to the over-cutting action.

  2. A sharp electrician scissors can cut the cable efficiently, yet please note that the edge should not be over sharpened. The over sharpened scissors will damage the wire easily, on the contrary, the scissors that is not sharpened enough is unable to cut through the cable.

  3. The cutting abilities of the scissors, such as cutting capacities and material restrictions, are set and regulated. Do not cut the materials that are out of the regulations or wires that are oversized in diameter in order to prevent the edge from damaging and malfunctioning.

  4. When it comes to cutting the sheath of the cable that contained two cores, scar the insulated sheath with the blades of the scissors, then divide the cable into two by cutting through from the center.

  5. The blade ends should be pointed outwards while using and be aware of your fingers. More importantly, buckle up the safety latch structure every time after using.

  6. The grip of the electrician scissors is non-insulated and is without the VDE certificate, therefore, to avoid getting an electric shock, do not use it on the cable or equipment that is electrified.

KING TONY’s Electrician Scissors

  • Electrician Scissor


    Electrician Scissor_6AB12-55


    - Grip material: PP + TPR.
    - Stainless steel with serrated edges.
  • Electrician Scissors


    Electrician Scissors_6AB13-06


    - High cutting performance with low applying force.
    - Ergonomic designed handles, made of nylon fiber+TPV.
    - Special handle design, suitable for the left-hander.
    - Blades made of AUS-8, serrated on the edge can prevent objects from slipping away.
  • 5 in 1 Multi-functional Electrician Scissors

    6AB14-06 6AB14-65

    5 in 1 Multi-functional Electrician Scissors_6AB14-06

    5 in 1 Multi-functional Electrician Scissors_6AB14-65


    - Special steel frame provides high resistance and durability.
    - 4034 stainless steel high hardness blades and anti-slip serrated edge.
    - Light and strong handles are made from impact-resistant plastic material.
    - PP+TPR ergonomically-designed handles.
  • Electrician Scissors

    6AB31-75 6AB31-85

    Electrician Scissors_6AB31-75

    Electrician Scissors_6AB31-85


    - Multi-purpose scissors.
    - Even mouth cable cutter.
    - Safety blade locking system.
  • Electrician Scissors


    Electrician Scissors_6AB21-65


    - Multi-purpose scissors.
    - Curved mouth cable cutter.
    - Safety blade locking system.
  • Multi-purpose Scissors


    Multi-purpose Scissors_6AB33-95


    - PP+TPR ergonomically-designed handle.
    - For cutting soft materials such as tin sheets, plastics, CD, cards, papers, etc.
    - The 420J2 stainless steel and the curve-blade design makes it steady and saves strength while cutting.
    - The big angle design between blades and the handles of the scissors makes it so your hand never touches any object while operating.


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