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Tools Introduction Class

Tools Introduction Class

The Types, Merits and Disadvantages of Measuring Tapes

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The measuring tape is composed of the tape, spring and outer case. Moreover, users can choose between not only normal measuring tape and two-in-one laser tape, but also the variety of selections of sizes, such as 2mm, 3mm, 5mm, 8mm and more.

Introduction, pros and cons of the measuring tapes are listed in the following article.

The Width of The Tape

The choices are 16mm, 19mm and 25mm. The wider the tape is, the higher the rigidity will be and the greater straightness it will perform. Different materials such as Iron, Stainless Steel and Medium Carbon Steel, can affect the rigidity of the tape. Furthermore, the arc design of the steel can maintain the straightness and avoid the bending for a period of time while extending the length.

Measuring Tape_79093-05C

Measuring Tape _79093

The Appearance of the Tape

Selections are white and yellow. It is noticeably that the color of white has a strong ability of reflecting light, therefore, the color of yellow is more suitable for the outdoor and sunny working environments. As for the options of coated or not, it is also significant that the coating of the tape can prevent the print of the numbers from going off after the long-term using.

White and yellow tape

The Hook

Types are hole-type and hole-free. Magnets that can easily stick on metals are designed on the tip of the hole-free hook in order to speed up the measuring process. Take King Tony as example, The Series of 79093 excluded, both 79094 and 79095 Series are equipped with a strong magnetic hook. Meanwhile, the hook is also designed with zero-adjuster, which can not only correct the error while measuring no matter inner or outer, but also protect the hook from falling from height.

Zero-adjuster of the hook

The Mark

The choices are single sided and double sided, and mainly separated into the metric system and the imperial units. In addition, because of the traditional Feng Shui, the type of Luban Ruler is also one of the selections in eastern countries. Nevertheless, the unit of Taiwanese Unit of Measurement is also provided for the needs.

The Material of the Outer Case

Mostly are made from ABS, yet the material can be elevated according to users’ requirements. Moreover, the sheath, IK and IP Certificate can also be chosen. Certificates of accuracy are JIS1, CE Class II, etc…


Divided into Auto Stop type, which can brake won’t restore automatically, and manual type, that need to be lock up manually after positioning. The former one is a lot safer because it won’t shrink back while pulling out, the latter one is quicker on shrinking back, which means that the tape might be bended or damaged due to the inappropriate use and affect the accuracy of the measuring tape.

 Measuring Tape (Magnet Hook)_79094

2-in-1 Laser Tape

The basic functions are as same as regular measuring tapes. It is noticeably that Two-in-One Laser Tape is featured with inferred measuring function, which is convenient with measuring spacious space or long distance. Furthermore, it is more time and effort saving compare to traditional measuring tape when it comes to switching between gauging near and far objects. According to different specifications, elevated laser tapes even can measure Cubic Feet (Cuft), Volume and record the measuring records.

2-in-1 Laser Tape
Series Production Code Length of the tape
Width of the tape
Measuring Tape
79093-02M 2 M 16 mm
79093-03M 3 M 16 mm
79093-05M 5 M 19 mm
79093-05M1 5 M 25 mm
79093-08M 8 M 25 mm
79093-03C 3M / 10FT 16 mm
79093-05C 5M / 16FT 19 mm
79093-08C 8M / 26FT 25 mm
Measuring Tape
(Magnet Hook)
79094-02M 2 M 16 mm
79094-03M 3 M 16 mm
79094-05M 5 M 19 mm
79094-08M 8 M 25 mm
79094-03C 3M / 10FT 16 mm
79094-05C 5M / 16FT 19 mm
79094-05C1 5M / 16FT 25 mm
79093-08C 8M / 26FT 25 mm
Mini Measuring Tape
(Magnet Hook)
79095-05M 5 M 19 mm


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