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Tools Introduction Class

Tools Introduction Class

Introducing the Forms of Bits and Bit Holders

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Common Types of Bit

Philips head Hexagon head Spline head Slotted head Torx head Pozidriv head

Phillips head1/4” Bit (PHILLIPS head)_102512P

Hexagon head1/4” Bit (HEXAGON head)_1025H

Spline head1/4” Bit (SPLINE head)_1025M

Slotted head1/4” Bit (SLOTTED head)_1025S

Torx head1/4” Bit (TORX head)_1025T

Pozidriv head1/4” Bit (POZIDRIV head)_1025Z

1/4" Bit (PHILLIPS head)
1/4" Bit (HEXAGON head)
1/4" Bit (SPLINE head)
1/4" Bit (SLOTTED head)
1/4" Bit (TORX head)
1/4" (POZIDRIV head)

Tamperproof Types of Bit

Torx Plus Tamperpfroof head Torx Tamperproof head Hexagon with Ball Point head Spanner head Square head Tri-Wing head Torz-Set head

Torx Plus Tamperproof head1/4” Bit (TORX PLUS Tamper Resistant head)_1025V

Torx Tamperproof headBit (TORX Tamper Resistant head)

Hexagon with Ball Point headBit (HEXAGON with Ball Point head)

Spanner headBit (SPANNER head)

Square head1/4” Bit (SQUARE head)_1025R

Tri-Wing headBit (TRI-WING head)

Torq-Set headBit (TORQ-SET head)

1/4" Bit
(TORX PLUS Tamper Resistant head)
1/4" Bit
(SQUARE head)

Magnetic Bit Holders

For adapting power tools and pneumatic tools.

Magnetic Bit Holders

Magnetic Bit Holder_750-50A

Magnetic Bit Holder_750

Magnetic Bit Holder (With Spring Clip)_751

Magnetic Bit Holder
Magnetic Bit Holder
Magnetic Bit Holder (With Spring Clip)

Elevated Version of Magnetic Bit Holder

Quick Release Magnetic Bit holders, or the Maglev Bit holders that are designed with magnetic levitation, allow the accessories to be clamped and removed easily.

Elevated Version of Magnetic Bit Holder

Magnetic Bit Holder (With Q.R. SLEEVE)_752

Magnetic Bit Holder With Q.R. Sleeve_753-63

Universal Joint Bit Holder_754

Magnetic Bit Holder (With Q.R. SLEEVE)
Magnetic Bit Holder With Q.R. Sleeve
Universal Joint Bit Holder

Extended Bit Holders

The Quick Release Bit Holder is also designed with magnetic levitation that makes bit heads changing quicker. Moreover, the Quick Release Flexible Bit Holder is a useful power tool accessory during the encounter with multiple different angles and narrow working spaces.

Extended Bit Holders

Quick Release Bit Holder_753A-370

Quick Release Flexible Bit Holder_755

Quick Release Bit Holder
Quick Release Flexible Bit Holder

Right Angle Bit holders

Beside Quick Release Flexible Bit Holder, the Right Angle Bit Holder can be take into accounts when it comes to operating power tool accessories in narrow working spaces. Furthermore, the foldable grip can increase the stability of the operation while working.

Right Angle Bit holders

Heavy Duty Right Angle Bit Holder_759

Heavy Duty Right Angle Bit Holder


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