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Tools Introduction Class

Tools Introduction Class

How to Choose Tool Trolley

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How to Choose a Suitable Tool Trolley?

Above all, select specifications below according to your requirements.

A. Sizes of the tool trolleys (top plate): Basically are divided into 28", 34", 42" and 52".

Tool trolley size-28”

Tool trolley size-34”

Tool trolley size-42”

Tool trolley size-52”

28", as 87434-7B 34", as 87462-7G 42" 52", as 87435-13B

B. Sizes and amounts of the drawers: The choice of one drawer to thirteen drawers are provided.

C. Features: Tilted risk prevention, corners bumpers protection, small scale selection, combination locking type, etc…

The features of tool trolleys

Risk-Free Type 87432-5G87434-7G
Classic Bumper Type 87632-5B87634-7B87934-7BF87B34-7BSA-RG87G33-7B-KB
Large Type 87462-7G87462-7G-KB87G33-7B-KB
Heavy Duty Type 87G001DQ-BK87G31-6B-BK87G31-7B-BK
Digital Lock Type 87G36-7BA-KB
Chest & Trolley Type 87G001DQ-BK
Multi-functional Type 87G34-7B-KB
Shelf Type 87441-1B87441-3B87446-3B-KB87446-3B-KR87G41-B

After selecting your basic requirements, the following points should be noticed.

1. The thickness of the sheet metal of the main body. (Will be 0.8~1.2mm generally.)
2. The design of the body structure and load-bearing ability.
3. Load-bearing ability and service lives of the slide rails.
4. The materials, sizes and load-bearing ability of the wheels.

Assembled main body Disassembled main body

*High strength all-in-one body design.

Inserted inner panels Ball bearing sliding rail
*Inserted partitions allow the rearrangement of the rails without breaking the main body. *The patent of quick dissembled pressure type ball bearing sliding rail.
Fully opened drawer The bottom of the drawer
*The fully-opened design of the drawers can utilize the storage space efficiently. *Stamping reinforced design beneath the drawers.

It’s time to decide the placements of the tray according to the sizes of the drawers of your chosen tool trolley. Take King Tony as example, the selections of the sizes of the tray below allow the storage of the drawers to me maximized as much as possible.

Tray size
Tray material selections

*Drawers mixing up with different sizes of tray can highly utilize the storage space. Nevertheless, two materials of the tray are provided.

Selective accessories are also significant when choosing a tool trolley. The variety of accessories offer users with more choices and services.

Tool trolley accessories

The points above should be kept in mind when it comes to picking tool trolleys. The quality of the tool trolley is important, yet the provided, sufficient and convenient services for users after purchasing are more significant. We expect everyone to find their favorite fine-quality tool trolleys and fine-quality brands.


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