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Tools Introduction Class

Tools Introduction Class

The Aurora Tool Set

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The Aurora Tools

The ‘Aurora’ is a normal but uncommon phenomenon that naturally appears in the Mother Nature. Different colors will emerge in this extraordinary scenario due to the conditions of diverse environments. Since the chance of viewing the Aurora is once in a blue moon, the lucky one that has an opportunity to appreciate the Aurora is also considered as the one that is blessed. Watching colorful Aurora shining and blooming in the clear night sky once in a life time is certainly a romantic experience beyond words.

The limited edition of Aurora Mini Ratchet & Tool Set was launched in 2022. The delicate process of Titanium plating not only make the surface of the products appeared to be colored by the Aurora, but also endue the uniqueness of the colors to every piece of tools. We insist on searching for our ideal Aurora color through failing and experimenting constantly during the testing process. Eventually, we have succeeded and are overjoyed to share their uniqueness with every user.

The Aurora

Limited Aurora Mini Ratchet & Tool Set_P2523MT-AM

’Unique and Strong Character’ is the main idea of the design of the Aurora Tools, because we regard that the beauty of the tools is as same as the Aurora, spectacular and only come out by accident.

Even though there are numerous frustrations and obstacles, we’d been continually moving forward without fear and holding on to our faith just to wait for an opportunity to achieve the goal and share the unique products to every unique individual.

The Aurora Tool Set contains accessories, for instance, sockets, bits, magnetic extension bars and more. It is suitable and practical for every user no matter electrical appliance repairing, bicycle fixing or furniture assembling. Most importantly, the uniqueness of the tools is worth collecting.

23 PC. 1/4” Mini Ratchet & Tool Set_P2523MT-AM

P2523MT-AM  23 PC. 1/4" Mini Ratchet & Tool Set


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