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Tools Introduction Class

Tools Introduction Class

Electronic Torque Wrench and Torque Adapter Introduction

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Introducing the Torque Wrench

Tightening screws and nuts is a common process during assembly or maintenance. However, how much force should individual apply to make sure the screw is tightened? Well, due to the difference of the strength between each person, a variety of standard appear when it comes to judging. Therefore, a torque value of the screw is set to ensure products’ lifetime and users’ safety.

So, how to ensure the torque value is the same to everyone while tightening?

The answer is ‘Torque Wrench’ .

Heavy Duty Adjustable Torque Wrench (Newton Meter)_34462-1DG


Every torque wrench has its own applicable range.

For example, the 34462-1DG produced by King Tony has a torque value range of 40-200Nm, and a range of 10-50N-m for 34366-1FG.

When tightening the screws, follow the torque value that indicated in the product manual or refer to the recommended torque on the King Tony’s website.

Window Type Adjustable Torque Wrench (Newton Meter & English)_34366-1FG


Types of Torque Wrenches

Torque wrenches are basically divided into two types: mechanical and digital. There are also electronic torque adapters that can be used with other wrenches. The comparison of these three types will be referred in the following table.

Mechanical Torque Wrench Electronic Torque Wrench Electronic Torque Adapter
Price Cheap Most expensive Expensive
Tolerance Around ±3% Around ±2% Around ±2%
Functions Torque Torque + Angle Not only torque, but also other additional functions, such as angle, tire’s tread depth and measurement of tire’s pressure, can be chosen.

Mechanical Torque Wrench

The mechanical type can generally be divided into preset style and dial style. The preset style is the most popular chosen one and the price is also the lowest of all kinds, yet it cannot present the number of torque during force applying.

On the opposite, the dial style is able to show the torque value, therefore, the torque display on the wrench should be monitored to avoid excessive force.

Click Type Adjustable Torque Wrench (Kilogram)_3442F

Preset style

Dial style torque wrench

Dial style

Electronic Torque Wrench

The LCD window display can depict the peak value and random data. Moreover, the unit can be changed and the accuracy is better than the mechanical type However, with all its merits, people are still hesitating because of the price.

The price of the digital type is three times higher than the mechanical type, which makes most of the users rather choose the mechanical torque wrench instead of the digital one.

Electronic Torque Wrench_34467-AG

Digital type

Electronic Torque Adapter

Between the mechanical and electronic torque wrench.

The functions are the same as the electronic torque wrench, but the price is much cheaper than the electronic style, and it can be used directly with the Flexible handle or Ratchet handle. Nevertheless, small in size and easy to carry.

1/2” DR. Torque Adapter_34407-1A

Torque Adapter

So, what functions and advantages do Electronic Torque Adapter own that are the same as electronic torque wrench?

  1. Multiple memory modules.

  2. The torque can be preset, and there will be a buzzer and a light reminder when the torque has reached.

  3. Peak mode can be utilized to view the maximum torque value, and use the tracking mode to view the torque at anytime.

  4. The unit conversion is simple and accurate. Generally, there are at most 2 units in the mechanical type, and the second unit is not accurate enough. On the other hand, there are 4-5 units in the digital type for users to choose.

  5. Can be used both clockwise and counterclockwise.

  6. Above excluded, electronic torque adapters have another advantage that makes them beyond simple torque tools. Take King Tony 34407T-1Aas example, not only the torque can be tested, but also the tire pressure can be measured. And the additional functions, such as angle measuring, can highly increase the practicality of the electronic torque adapters like 34417-1A

  7. In addition, the electronic torque adapters must be used with other wrenches, which allows users to utilize them more flexibly at work. The length of the torque wrench is fixed and can’t be adjusted. The disadvantage of unable to extend the handle while working leads to difficulty of users that have weaker strength, because they will face more issues on force applying. On the contrary, if the torque wrench is replaced with electric torque adapter, the extended flexible handle or ratchet handle can be attached when users face troubles on force applying in order to reach the goal of effort-saving. (Wrenches, no matter types or lengths, can be used with electronic torque adapters.)

Tires pressure measurement

Tires pressure measurement

Utilize with general wrench

Utilize with general wrench

Utilize with flexible handle

Utilize with flexible handle

Operating Instructions

The operating instructions between electronic torque adapters and electronic torque wrenches are mostly the same. Take King Tony’s latest electronic torque adapter, 34417-1A, to briefly introduce.

  • First Step: Press the power button (M button). (The icons are different from each companies, some will display as this pattern.)

Power icon
  • Second Step: Select the unit and mode you required.

1/2” DR. Torque Angle Adapter_34417-1A (ft-lb)
1/2” DR. Torque Angle Adapter_34417-1A (N-m)

Press "U" button, then the unit will change from Ft-lb to N-m. 5 types of units are provided.

1/2” DR. Torque Angle Adapterr_34417-1A (Peak Mode)
1/2” DR. Torque Angle Adapterr_34417-1A (Track Mode)

Press "T" button to enter the Peak Mode or Track Mode.

Peak Mode

← The up arrow represents the Peak Mode, and the screen will display the current maximum force.

Track Mode

← The double arrow represents the Track Mode, and the torque value that displayed on the screen will change according to the amount of force you applied.

  • Third Step: Memory module setting method: press "+" button after power on to enter the memory module, then press "+" again to select a group from 0-9 to record the set torque value.
    Use "<-" to adjust the digits, press "+" to adjust the data, press T after confirmation.

Memory module

’SET’ appears in the lower left corner implies that the memory module is entered.

Set the torque value in the memory module, and the buzzer and light will remind users when the applying force is almost reached the set value.

  1. Approaching 60% shows flashing green light and intermittent beeps.

  2. Approaching 70% shows flashing yellow light and intermittent beeps.

  3. Approaching 90% shows flashing red light and intermittent rapid beeps.

  4. Approaching 100% shows steady red light and steady beep sound.

Above all are the basic operating instructions of the electronic torque adapter.

Last but not least, it is impossible for the electronic torque wrenches (adapters) to replace the mechanical torque wrenches due to the price differences and the user diverse habits that cannot be changed in a short period of time. Fully understand your working requirements initially, then select the torque tools you are accustomed to in order to get twice the result with half the effort.

KING TONY Torque Wrench

Industrial Type Elongated Type 72PT Type Mini Type Professional Type

Heavy Duty Adjustable Torque Wrench (English & Newton Meter)_34462-CG

1” DR. Heavy Duty Adjustable Torque Wrench (Kilogram-force Centimeter & Newton Meter)_34862-2GG

72PT Heavy Duty Adjustable Torque Wrench (Newton Meter)_3446A-DG

Mini-type Heavy Duty Torque Wrench (Newton Meter)_3426C-DF

Adjustable Torque Wrench (Newton Meter & Kilogram)_34423-A

34462-CG 34462-DG 34462-EG 34462-FG 34462-GG 34466-FG 34862-2C 34862-2D 34862-2E 34862-2F 34862-2GG 34862-3CF 34862-3FF 3446A-DG 3446A-EG 3426C-DF 34423-A 34423-B 34423-C 34464-FG
Classic Type Click Type Aluminum Type Electronic Torque Wrench Electronic Torque Adapter

Classic type Professional Quality Adjustable Torque Wrench_3446E-HG

Click Type Adjustable Torque Wrench (Kilogram)_3442F

Heavy Duty Aluminum Adjustable Torque Wrench (Newton Meter & English)_3445G

Electronic Torque Wrench_34467-AG

1/2” DR. Torque Adapter_34407-1A

3446E-HG 3466E-HG 3442F 3445G 34467-AG 34407-1A


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