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Tools Feature & Advantage Introduction Class

Tools Feature & Advantage Introduction Class

4873 - ½”drive Impact mini adapter

Popularity : 17731


4873 Mini Adapter

General Adapter Mini Adapter With Ball Without Ball
這是一張圖 這是一張圖



Outer Diameter: 30mm

Outer Diameter: 25mm

Convenient to install and can be replaced in a snap.

For working in height to increase security.


  • Goal: To utilize an adapter in narrow spaces.

  • Timing:
    1. When requiring adapting a 1/2” impact wrench with a 3/8” socket.
    2. Operating in a narrow space that general adapters cannot fit.

  • Specification: 1/2”F x 3/8”M

  • Feature: Small outer diameter is suitable for using in narrow spaces.

Applicable Industry

  1. Automobile Repairing

  2. Mechanical Industries

*Please operate the adapter in its reasonable capacity. When using the adapter in adapting small sizes, the tools might be damaged due to the high torque value that is over the bearing.


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