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Tools Feature & Advantage Introduction Class

Tools Feature & Advantage Introduction Class

4415 Series Impact Extra Thin Wall Socket

Popularity : 19700
Size 17mm 19mm 21mm


Outer diameter of regular deep impact socket 26.2mm 28.8mm 30.0mm


Outer diameter of thin wall deep impact socket 23.8mm 25.8mm 27.8mm


  • Goal: Targeting on the screw bolts of the rims of automobiles that are smaller than regular sizes and cannot be dismantled by general deep sockets.

  • Timing: For assembling and disassembling wheel rims of automobiles.

  • Features:
    1. The outer diameter is smaller than regular size which is suitable for rims that are made of aluminum alloy steel or lightweight rims that are designed for modifying race cars.
    2. To lengthen the life time of the socket, the square drive has had processed with reverse stroke progress, which increases the accuracy and allows the drill to be closer to the socket.
    3. Screen printing white pattern allows users to recognize the specific sockets in short term.

Applicable Industry

  1. Car Repairing

  2. Modification Factories

  3. Tyre Industries

*If the target rim is able to be processed by regular deep sockets, the regular deep sockets will be recommended.


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