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Tools Introduction Class

Tools Introduction Class

Types of Pipe Wrenches

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Groove Joint Pliers

The jaw of the Groove Joint Pliers is forged as molar type in order to clamp objects that have a flat point of application such as screw nuts. Moreover, the teeth on the jaw can avoid the slipping situation when clamping pipes tight. The designs are based on Lever Rule, which is, the lever of force of application are greater than the lever of force of resistant, therefore, Groove Joint Pliers are effort-saving tools. Nevertheless, the size of the opening can be adjusted through sliding.

European Style Groove Joint Pliers German Style Groove Joint Pliers Pliers Wrench
7 positions opening. 7 positions opening.
Multi-levels pressuring adjustments.
Suitable for hex nuts.

Groove Joint Pliers_6511-17CGroove Joint Pliers_6511-10

Groove Joint Pliers_6516-10Groove Joint Pliers_6517-10

Pliers Wrench_6518-10C

6511   6511C 6516   6517 6518-10C

Pipe Wrenches

Can be divided into several types following different regulations.

Bearing abilities: heavy class, regular class.

Weights: extra heavy type, heavy-duty type, light type.

Styles: British, American, German, Spanish, offset, chain, elbow.

Handle materials: Aluminum Alloy, Cast Steel, Malleable Steel, Ductile Iron.

S Type Pipe Wrench Regular Class Pipe Wrench
3-point clamping ensures reliable and firm grip even on smooth pipes. Straight pipe wrenches are suitable for all kinds of plumbing mission.

S Type Pipe Wrench_6521-16

Pipe Wrench_6531-24

6521 6531
Extra Heavy Type Pipe Wrench Aluminum Offset Pipe Wrench 90°
Suitable for plumbing missions that are nearby walls, floors, ceilings and elsewhere. The Aluminum Pipe Wrench 6533L is 25% lighter.

Pipe Wrench_6532-10

Aluminum Offset Pipe Wrench 90˚_6541L-14

6532 6541L  6533L

Rapid Pipe Wrench

Similar to the back and forth of the ratchet, and suitable for all shapes of pipes and fasteners.

Rapid Pipe Wrench
Anti-slip teeth effective on worn screws.

Rapid Pipe Wrench_3616S-14P



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