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Tools Introduction Class

Tools Introduction Class

Oil Filter Wrench

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Types of Oil Filter

Oil Filter is the filter that designed to remove the pollution and impurity from engine lubricant, transmission fluid, lubricating oil or hydraulic oil. Oil filters are mostly used in static engines, for instance, vehicles (road and off-road), planes, locomotives, steamers and their internal combustion engines, dynamos and pumps. In addition, other hydraulic systems inside automobiles, such as automatic transmissions and power steering systems, are normally equipped with oil filters, too. Combustion turbine engines, for example, the engines of jet aircrafts, require oil filters as well. Last but not least, beside machines above, oil filters have also been utilized in a variety of hydraulic machines.

Cylindrical Filter
(Disposable filter)
Filter Paper
(Changeable filter)
Cylindrical Filter (Disposable filter) Filter Paper (Changeable filter)

Assuring the Specifications

Cylindrical Filter Filter Paper

Assuring the cylindrical filter

Assuring the filter paper

Make sure the amounts of angles, then measure the dimensions across sides of the external diameter.

Measure the dimensions across sides of the hexagon.

The Correspondent Tools for Oil Filters

Types of oil filters Cylindrical Filter (Disposable filter) Filter Paper (Changeable filter)

Cylindrical Filter (Disposable filter)

The appearance of these filters is slippery cylinder case with knurled lace on the bottom. It’s extremely hard to dismount them especially when they get oil on them.

Filter Paper (Changeable filter)

These filters own their own outer case from the original manufacturer since they left the factory.

Correspondent King Tony tools
  1. Wrenches kind:
    Strap Type:
    The Series of 3203 320670 320760

    Strap Wrench_3203Polyester Strap Wrench_320670Nylon Strap Wrench_320760

    Band Type:
    The Series of 9AE31 The Series of 9AE32 The Series of 9AE33

    Swivel Oil Filter Wrench_9AE31Band Type Oil Filter Wrench_9AE32Band Type Oil Filter Wrench_9AE33

    Chain Type:
    The Series of 3204

    Chain Wrench_3204

  2. Jaws kind:
    9AE42 9AE43 9AE52 9AE53

    Three-Legs Oil Filter Wrench_9AE42Three-Legs Oil Filter Wrench_9AE43Two Jaws Oil Filter Wrench_9AE52Two Jaws Oil Filter Wrench_9AE53

  3. Pliers kind:
    9AE71 9AE72

    Adjustable Oil Filter Pliers_9AE71Locking Grip Oil Filter Pliers_9AE72

  4. Cups kind (Iron):
    The Series of 9AE0 9AE2002 9AE2004 9AE2016 The Series of 9AE6

    1/2” DR. Cup Type Oil Filter Wrench_9AE02PC. 3/8” DR. Cup Type Oil Filter Wrench_9AE20024PC. 3/8” DR. Cup Type Oil Filter Wrench Set_9AE200416PC. 3/8” DR. Cup Type Oil Filter Wrench Set_9AE20161/2” DR. Cup Type Oil Filter Wrench_9AE6

  1. Socket kind:

    6PC. 3/8” DR. Oil Filter Socket Set_9AE8006

  2. Cups kind (Aluminium):

    3/8” DR. Cup Type Oil Filter Wrench_9AE1

Operating instructions of tools
  1. Utilize the strap or band that is connected to the handle to hitch around the filter. Rotate the handle counterclockwise in order to apply tension to the band, then the filter will be grabbed and can be dismounted.

  2. Place the chain around the filter, and rotate the handle counterclockwise until the chain is tighten onto the filter. Next, use the socket wrench or adjustable wrench to revolve the hexagon handle following the former direction. This movement can increase the tension of the chain and tighten the chain onto the soft metal case of the filter in order to avoid slipping off.

  3. The third type of popular wrench look like a metal or plastic cup. Place the cup at the end of the filter to dock with the similar shape. Use the socket and ratchet wrench to release the outer cover of the filter. The vehicles of Volkswagan and BMW require this type of wrench to dismantle the filter (or the outer cover of the non-cylinder filter).


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