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Tools Introduction Class

Tools Introduction Class

Tool Box and Tool Chest Introduction

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Metal Portable Tool Chest

  • Drawer Type Portable Tool Chest:

    In order to avoid the drawers from sliding out while moving, all drawers will be locked up since the upper cover is closed. Moreover, the drawer design is convenient for users to storage and select tools at a glance.

Tool Chest

2 Drawers Slides Type Portable Tool Chest_87401-2

3 Drawers Slides Type Portable Tool Chest_87401-3

Overall Size
535 x 220 x 287 535 x 220 x 287
Drawer size
504 x 195 x 79 504 x 195 x 52
Production Code 87401-287401-387401-3H
  • 3 Section Fold Up Type Portable Tool Box:

    The design of the folding three section can increase the storage ability of the box. Nevertheless, the strength of the stiffness is elevated through the process of the special shape briquetting on the exterior of the tool box.

Tool Chest

3 Section Fold Up Type Portable Tool Box_87408 (Closed)

3 Section Fold Up Type Portable Tool Box_87408 (Opened)

Specifications Overall Size: 470 x 220 x 260mm 5 compartments
Production Code 874028740887A0587A05-KB87A05187A051-KB
  • Fiber Reinforced Plastic Tool Box:

    Combine metal cover with shock-resistant reinforced polypropylene shell in order to reduce the weight of the tool box. Furthermore, the tool box is featured with stackable design, the ability of 30kgs load on top and impact resistant and sturdy bumpers at the corners.

Tool Chest

Fiber Reinforced Plastic Tool Box_87A08 (Closed)

Fiber Reinforced Plastic Tool Box_87A08 (Opened)

Specifications Overall Size: 470 x 210 x 207mm 2 compartments
Production Code 87A08

Plastic Portable Tool Case

  • Handy Case:

    The exterior of the Handy Case is capable of enduring high load and great impacts. It is provided with the T.C.S. mod. that had also been used on the other four sizes of handy cases, therefore, the design is based on user’s aspects. The convenience of carrying and storing allows users to enjoy their lives.

    The Handy Case is convenient for carrying and outgoing.

Tool Chest

1/8 Handy Case (199x171x50mm)_820005

1/4 Handy Case (294x221x66mm)_820001

1/4 Handy Case (389x185x66mm)_820002

1/3 Handy Case (389x230x66mm)_820003

Overall Size
199 x 171 x 50 294 x 221 x 66 389 x 185 x 66 389 x 230 x 66
Production Code 820001820002820003820005820011
  • Modular Stacking Box:

    Different tools will be required according to different working environments, hence, we designed the Modular Stacking Box to face divergent working circumstances. Carrying tools is more convenient to outgoing technicians because the time of going back and forth between cars and working sites can be highly descended. Not only the time and effort of the technicians are saved, but also the working efficiency and mobility are increased.

Tool Chest

Modular Stacking Box (456x372x115mm)_87405-1

Modular Stacking Box (456x372x155mm)_87405-2

Modular Stacking Box (456x372x262mm)_87405-3

Overall Size
456 x 372 x 115 456 x 372 x 155 456 x 372 x 262
Production Code 87405-187405-287405-387405-9
Modular stacking box example


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