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Tools Feature & Advantage Introduction Class

Tools Feature & Advantage Introduction Class

KING TONY-2539MR-AM-39 PC. 1/4" DR. Combination Socket Set

Popularity : 1602

39 PC. 1/4" DR. Combination Socket Set

39 PC. 1/4” DR. Combination Socket Set_2539MR-AM


1025H 1025P 1025S 1025U 1025Z 2221 2335M 102512P 2141 2176DF 2773GS 2793

1/4” Bit (HEXAGON head)_1025H 1/4” Bit (PHILLIPS head)_1025P 1/4” Bit (SLOTTED head)_1025S 1/4” Bit (TORX Tamper Resistant head)_1025U 1/4” Bit (POZIDRIV head)_1025Z 1/4” DR. Extension Bar_2221 1/4” DR. 6PT Metric Standard Socket_2335M 1/4” Bit (PHILLIPS head)_102512P 1/4” DR. Bit Holder_2141 1/4” DR. Spinner Handle_2176DF 1/4” DR. 90 Teeth Dustproof Ratchet_2773GS 1/4” DR. Universal Joint_2793

Spinner Handle

1/4” DR. Spinner Handle_2176DF

Square hole.
Socket attaching.
Bit attaching.
Adjustable head.

90 Teeth Dustproof Ratchet

Universal Joint / Bit Holder / Extension Bar

Universal Joint / Bit Holder / Extension Bar

1/4” DR. Universal Joint_2793

  • 2793 - Universal Joint

  • Short pattern design enables greater access in confined spaces.

1/4” DR. Bit Holder_2141

  • 2141 - Bit Holder

  • Metal spring.

1/4” DR. Extension Bar_2221

  • 2221 - Extension Bar

  • 2221-02 / 2221-04

6PT Metric Standard Socket

1/4” DR. 6PT Metric Standard Socket_2335M

Made with the high hardness metal, chrome vanadium alloy steel, and utilize the polishing and chrome plating to approach the goal of anti-rust.


1/4” Bits

  • 1025H - Bit (HEXAGON head)

  • 1025P - Bit (PHILLIPS head)

  • 1025S - Bit (SLOTTED head)

  • 1025U - Bit (TORX Tamper Resistant head)

  • 1025Z - Bit (POZIDRIV head)

  • 102512P - Bit for special screws in carpentry (PHILLIPS head)


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