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Tools Introduction Class

Tools Introduction Class

Speed Out Broken Screw Extractor

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What is a ‘Speed Out Broken Screw Extractor’?

The Speed Out broken screw extractor is also known as ‘Speed Out Speed Out Damaged Screw Remover’ or just ‘Speed Out’. The main function of the specific product is to dismantle stripped, broken, damaged and stuck screws and bolts.

The Reason of Encountering the Issue of Stripped Screws

‘Stripped Screws’ refers to screws with rounded grooves on their heads, making them difficult to grip securely with screwdrivers and leading to extraction failures. The following scenarios are the most common causes of such problems.

  1. Manufactured with inappropriate soft materials.

  2. Choosing improper tools that leads to excessive torque.

  3. Selecting the wrong specifications of the tools and cause severe damages to the screw.

  4. The screw is already in bad condition.

When such a situation arises, use a Speed Out Broken Screw Extractor to quickly and effortlessly remove the screw.

11406SQ_6 PC. Speed Out Broken Screw Extractor Set

What are the differences between ‘Speed Out Extractors’ and ‘Regular Extractors’?

Product Speed Out Broken Screw Extractor Regular Broken Screw Extractor
Speed Out Broken Screw Extractor Regular Broken Screw Extractor
Appearance Generally be designed into a double-end bit. One end is for drilling and the other is for extracting. The common conical shape is often used with other tools like wrenches, resulting in drives shaped as squares or hexagons.
Usage For quick use, it‘s typically offered with various specifications in a set. The extractor requires a pilot hole on top of the screw, demanding enhanced technique and precision for optimal performance.
Application Suitable for screws and bolts with minor damage. Appropriate for severely stripped bolts and screws.
Versatility Can only be applied to screws and bolts within specific types and specifications. Able to be applied to screws and bolts across a wider range of types and sizes.

The Correct Operation Steps of Using Speed Out Broken Screw Extractor

1 2 3
Select the proper specification. Utilize the drilling end to drill a hole on the head of the target. Switch the performing end into the extractor side and extract the target.
Using Step-1 Using Step-2 Using Step-3

KING TONY 11406SQ Speed Out Broken Screw Extractor Set

11406SQ_6 PC. Speed Out Broken Screw Extractor Set


  • Set with multiple sizes, which are #0, #1, #2, #3 and #4.

  • Double end bit design, suitable for rapid dismantle.

  • Manufactured with HSS high-sped steel, known for its 63 HRC hardness and great durability.

  • Comes with an exclusive storage box, providing convenience for carrying and storage.


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