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Tools Introduction Class

Tools Introduction Class

Screwdrivers and Bits

Popularity : 37092

Types of Screwdrivers

Can be divided into 7 types according to the end of the screwdrivers.

End Production Code



Phillips Screwdriver_1411
Phillips Screwdriver_1421

1411 1421 1421xx12 1421xx16 14A1 31107MR 1461 1481 14B1



Pozidriv Screwdriver_1428
Pozidriv Screwdriver_14A8

1428 14A8



Slotted Screwdriver_1412
Slotted Screwdriver_1422

1412 1422 1422xx12 1422xx16 14A2 30118MR 1462 1482 14B2



Standard Screwdriver_1423

1423 30315PR 30316PR 30317PR 30319PR

Torx tamper proof

Torx Tamper Proof

Standard Screwdriver_1427

1427 30307PR 30309PR

Hexagonal Socket

Hexagonal Socket

Nut Spinner_1450
Flexible Nut Spinner_1453

1450 1453 5450

Dual Colored Grip

Phillips Screwdriver_14A1

The grip is made from the composite material, PP and TPR, which not only provide an excellent experience of grabbing, but also can avoid the situation of slipping off from hands.
1421 1421xx12 1421xx16 1422 1422xx12 1422xx16 1423 1424 1427 1428 14A1 14A2 14A8
Using scenario
Using scenario

Go Thru Screwdrivers

Go Thru Phillips Screwdriver_1461

The end of the handle can be struck by hammers.
Hexagonal guiding head can be used with wrenches to increase the force of rotating.
1461 1462 1481 1482 14B1 14B2 30206AMRB 30206MR 36206MR
Using scenario
Hexagonal guiding head

VDE Insulated Screwdrivers

VDE Insulated Phillips Screwdriver_1471

  1. Manufactured and produced according to IEC 60900:2004.
  2. Can be operated at the alternating current area that the voltage is below 1000V, such as distribution boxes, fuse blocks, terminals, relays, and so on.
  3. Please abide by the relevant safety instructions when using electrical insulated tools in order to prevent the accidental circumstances from happening.
1471 1472 1474 1478 147E 30605MR 30606MR 30607MR 30607MR02 30615MR 30617MR
Using scenario
Using scenario


1/4” Bit (PHILLIPS head)_1025P

The specifications can be roughly divided into 1/4”, 5/16” and 10mm.
102512P 1025P 1800P 1003PQ 102502P-S1
PhillipsSlottedPozidrivHexagonTorxTorx tamper proofFive points torx plus tamper proofSquareTwelve Points

Types of Bits

Can be separated into two types according to the power source.

Manually - Bit

1/4” Bit (SLOTTED head)_1025S
Single Ended Bit

1/4” Bit (PHILLIPS / SLOTTED head)_1360PS
Double Ended Bit

Electircal - Power bit

1/4” Power Bit (PHILLIPS head)_7100P
Single Ended Power Bit

1/4” Power Bit (PHILLIPS / SLOTTED head)_7300PN
Double Ended Power Bit

Table of All KING TONY´s Single Ended Bits and Power Bits

End Slotted Phillips Pozidriv Torx Torx tamper proof Hexagon Five points torx plus tamper proof Square Spline Six points torx plus
Slotted Phillips Pozidriv Torx Torx Tamper Proof Hexagon Five Points Torx Plus Tamper Proof Square Twelve Points Six Points Torx Plus
Bits 1/4" 1025S 1025P 1025Z 1025T 1025U 1025H
1025V 1025R 1025M
5/16" 1800S 1800P 1800P 1800T   1800H
10mm 1600T 1600U 1600H     1600M 1600E
Power Bits 1/4" 7150S 7100P 7100Z 7100T 7100U 7100H

Table of All KING TONY´s Double Ended Bits and Power Bits

End Phillips / Phillips Phillips / Slotted Pozidriv / Pozidriv Pozidriv / Slotted
Phillips / Phillips Phillips / Slotted Pozidriv / Pozidriv Pozidriv / Slotted
Bits 1/4" 1360P 1360PS 1360Z 1360ZS
Power Bits 1/4"
Long Head
Short Head
5mm 7200P


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