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Tools Introduction Class

Tools Introduction Class

Reasons and Troubleshooting of Impact Wrench which is Losing Power

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Reasons and Troubleshooting of Impact Wrenches


Systems of the Impact Wrench

  1. Intake System
  2. Transmission System
  3. Hammer System

General Issues

  1. Idling and Air Leaking
    A: Normally appears when the intake system is damaged. Assure whether the interior parts, such as trigger, inlet cylinder and inlet valve, are borken and replace with new items.
  2. Broken Blades
    A: The blades of impact wrenches are comsuming items ’cause the wears and tears will be generated due to the contact surface of the blade and cylinder while transmitting. When encountering inadequate striking force and the hammer system function normally, inspect whether the blade should be replaced. Generally speaking the blade doesn’t damaged easily, therefore check if there is any impurities that jammed the blades and caused the damages.
  3. Dysfunctional Hammer System
    A: The hammer systems of impact wrenches recieve force constantly and the interior parts are categorized as comsuming parts. When the striking force is insufficient, dismantle the machine and inspect whether the parts are damaged and replace them if necessary.


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