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Tools Feature & Advantage Introduction Class

Tools Feature & Advantage Introduction Class

KING TONY-1500 Podger Ratchet Wrench

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Podger Ratchet Wrench Introduction

Podger Ratchet Wrench_1500


To tighten or loosen the screw bolts or nuts. The socket is a one-piece forged product. The direction of the rotation can be changed by pushing the direction switch.

Twelve Point Socket

Correspond to the hexagonal screws. The ratchet mechanism assure that the screw can be tightened safely and trusty, and positioning repeatedly while working will not be necessary.


The sharp end of the handle is suitable for positioning the hole on the steel frame and expanding the wires.


Up to 24 specifications are provided.


Diverse usages, for instance, steel frame constructions, bridge building, steel tower fastening, civil engineering, architecture, electrical engineering, machinery, and maintenance and assembly of fixtures and tools.

The Usage of the Sharp End

  1. Positioning when two holes are deflected, which allow the screw bolts to go through easily.

  2. Regarding as an interim crowbar, which is used when the formworkers isolate the concrete and the formwork.

  3. Twisting the wires and tightening the objects with fast and convenient operations.

Using scenario-1
Using scenario-2
Using scenario-3

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