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Tools Operation and Application Class

Tools Operation and Application Class

Introduction of Crimping Tool

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There are 6 different functions can be operated with the Crimping Pliers.

  1. Wire Cutting

  2. Open Barrel Terminals Crimping

  3. Non-insulated Terminals Crimping

  4. Screw Cutting

  5. Insulated Terminals Crimping

  6. Wire Stripping

Crimping Tools 6721-10

Crimping Tools 6721

Medium Carbon Steel – 50C
Grip - PVC
Screw - Iron

Function Descriptions

Function Descriptions
Wire cutting
Open barrel terminals crimping
Non-insulated terminals crimping
Cutting screws that did not process through heat treatment
Insulated terminals crimping
Stripping the sheath of the wire
Function Descriptions

Operating Steps

Step-1 Step-2 Step-3 Step-4 Step-5
Step-6 Utilize the 5mm wire stripper to peel off the sheath. Place the terminal into the specific crimping hole and crimp the center of the rounded part of the terminal with the specification of 4 to 6. Last but not least, use the hole that is specifically designed for insulated terminals to crimp the bottom part of the terminal with the size of 2.5-6mm. Crimp it tight to make the terminal attached strong and steady. The work is now completed.

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