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Tools Operation and Application Class

Tools Operation and Application Class

How to Make a Network Cable on Your Own?

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How to make 8P8C Cat5e or Cat6 network connector by yourself?

First of all, prepare a RJ45 modular plug, RJ45 protector, Cat5e network cable and modular crimping tool 67F1-08

Cat5e network connector components

Cat5e network connector components

Cat6 network connector components

Cat6 network connector components

The modular crimping tool can peel off the sheath and cut through the network cable.

Modular Crimping Tool_67F1-08

Peel about 1.7 cm sheath out of the network cable.

Peel the sheath

After the peeling process, the wires of the cable should be organized following the listed colors below.

Organization of the wires

The threads will definitely be uneven after the organization.

After the organization

Use the modular crimping tool to trim the threads.





Slide the protector onto the network cable, then plug thread into the modular plug (wires should be stiffed until the threads are coming out from the other side of the modular plug).

cat5e-modular plug and protector assembled


cat6-modular plug and protector assembled


Make sure there’s no mistake before the final installation of the protector, then use the 8P crimping position on the modular crimping tool to crimp the network connector.

Modular Crimping Tool_67F1-08 crimping

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