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Tools Quality Checking and Certified Class

Tools Quality Checking and Certified Class

Cutting Tester Description

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Introduction of Cutting Tester of Pliers

  1. Goal

  2. Applicable Products

  3. Advantage

  4. Brief Intro

  5. Parts Intro


  1. To testify the endurance and cutting force of pliers.

  2. According to the average force and times to testify whether the cutting power of the product still remain steady and stable after the high frequency treatments.

Applicable Products

Due to the hydraulic movement of the machine is designed in seesaw motion, the testing target can only be the horizontal cutting force of pliers, which means that, while cutting, the cut object should be on the side of the pliers. The maximum cutting stroke of the test is 40mm.
The main testing subjects currently are the 61 Series Combination Pliers, the 62 Series Diagonal Cutting Pliers, the 63 Series Long Nose Pliers and the 69 Series Mini Diagonal Pliers.


  1. The test results can be considered as the import examination accordance and the basis of quality control.

  2. Testing different kinds of products with same conditions and comparing the results can be the references for elevating the quality.

Brief Intro

Name: Cutting Tester

Subject: Pliers

Load Cell: 200kgf

Strongest Force: 150kgf

Tests Items:

  1. Average force of multiple cuts

  2. Service time of the edge (times)

Parts Intro

  1. Hydraulic Transmission

  2. Cutting Operating Interface

  3. Cutting Control System

  4. Pliers Placing Position

  5. Guiding Roller and Guide Rod Device

  6. Delivery System

  7. Discharging Pipe and Safety Device

  8. Computing Equipment


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