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Tools feature & advantage introduction class

Tools feature & advantage introduction class

10C0 series Heavy Duty Offset Ring Wrench

Popularity : 22710
  1. Using purpose: for a larger force to be locking bolts for construction or demolition work.
  2. Using places: heavy machinery maintenance, petrochemical industry, shipbuilding, construction ... so major projects, equipment, and other places.
  3. Wrench Size: 24 27 30 32 36 41 46 50 55 60 65MM
  4. Features Description
    1. plum iron pipe wrench extension length, use more effort.
    2. 75 degree angle design, increased ease of use.
    3. iron pipe grip knurled design, easy to use slip.
    4. plum head and iron pipe joints, spring pins mining design, safe and reliable.
    5. separate design, easy to incorporate, the less space
10C0-24  27  30MM 111946(26X460L)
10C0-32  36  41MM 112261(28X610L)
10C0-46  50  55MM 112576(32X760L)
10C0-60  65MM 113086(36X860L)


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